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LED Screen

Enhance your event or venue with our premium LED Display Screen or a Video Wall, It can be used to present commercial clips, ads, picture slideshow or to play any video effects during your event.
Great for Weddings, parties, celebrations and clubs and any occasions. 

Why Using LED Screens?

Although best known for its use in the entertainment sector, LED walls have many strong points that make the technology perfectly suited for use in critical business environments. Control rooms, corporate lobbies, experience centers and boardrooms, to name but a few.

  • LED technology is completely seamless, making sure the image is uninterrupted.
  • LED video wall displays are highly bright and can perform under daylight conditions.
  • The resolution can be tailored to your needs as LED panels are available in many different pixel pitches. In this way, you can choose the resolution of your video wall solution depending on the content, the viewing distance, etc.